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Urban Style

Roshini Sakrani Darpan, 09 Jun, 2014
  • Urban Style
As a bride-on-the-go you’re going to be constantly sending out texts, making calls and using apps which can ultimately drain your battery. Tired of looking for outlets to charge your smartphone? 
Mophie Juice Pack Samsung/iPhone
The Mophie Juice Pack will get you set for long events giving your smartphone extra battery life when you’re on the last leg. Charging the Mophie battery pack will give you an additional 8-hour talk time and 10-hour video playback. The multifunctional battery pack and case is available for various iPhone models and Samsung phones. 
Michael Kors MacBook (Air/Pro) Sleeve
Being busy planning your wedding is going to become a normal routine, at least for a bit. Why not travel in style with this chic Michael Kors MacBook sleeve? With a two snap closure and lining with protective layer, your MacBook will be taken care of, while you tote it around. This laptop case is available in different colours and is made for different model Apple laptops. 
Louis Vuitton iPad case for him & her 
When you’re not carrying around your laptop, you’re probably going to have a smaller device on you. Tote around this cute Louis Vuitton iPad mini case, boasting the historic Damier signature, that’s uniquely styled for both him and her. Upscale, yet functional, the ultra-flat design and microfiber lining ensures that your smartphone is held in place for optimum protection.  
Jawbone Up
Thinking of getting in shape before the big day? Motivate your fiancé to be your fitness partner, and work towards making exercise plans and keeping track of meals to look stunning for your wedding. Jawbone’s Up fitness band will not only help you, but it will be your personal trainer. 
The fitness band helps you determine: how you sleep, monitors your activity and helps you make healthy eating choices to help you meet your goals. Available in both red and black to suit your taste, the band is customizable with a downloadable app for both Android and Apple devices and connects via Bluetooth. The transmission of information regarding activity and movement gets transferred over to the app keeping you up-to-date on the day’s progress. 
Tory Burch Galaxy S4 Case 
Jazz up your outfit with this cute Tory Burch ‘Robinson’ case for your Samsung Galaxy S4. Named after her parents – Buddy and Reva Robinson – the case is made of high quality, scratch-resistant Italian leather. The neutral gold shade is easy to match with various outfits, ensuring that you look stylish on the go.