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Youth Speak: Conquer Zero Waste with No Waste

By Harnoor Gill, 20 Jul, 2016

    The purpose behind the initiative of Zero Waste is an ethical, economical and efficient goal to help guide people in changing their lifestyles and practices through their everyday lives. It means helping out the planet in this small yet significant way of emulating a sustainable natural cycle where all the discarded materials are designed to become resources for other people to use. This in turn creates no waste or garbage, helping create a life of longevity for the people depending on this planet’s survival. 

    Some disbelievers may consider this to be a far-fetched goal but by implementing this way of life, it will help eliminate all discharges to land, water, or air that might be a threat to the health of living life on this planet. The greatest point about this way of life is that it is essentially a philosophy, a strategy and a set of practical tools looking to sufficiently eliminate the waste of this world and not having to manage it. 

    The best way I got people around me to start pursuing the idea of not creating waste to add to this world was by asking them to come up with ideas to implement in order to create little to no waste. At first, they found this awfully tough, yet as the
    solutions from ideas contributed to creating less waste, the whole task was quickly becoming a breeze for them. The experience of introducing the concept of Zero Waste and then seeing it implemented before my eyes by my friends and family was truly a rewarding experience for me. I felt quite accomplished in the moment because I was able to see the applications of teaching my peers and family in its full effect. 

    I think the best way to have the motives of Zero Waste come across in a positive manner is to engage your local community. As citizens, it is important for us to participate and help in the implementations of a Zero Waste action plan. Being able to take part in opportunities like an action plan dedicated to the priorities of Zero Waste is a fulfilling task, and taking active participation in the design of the resource management system is helpful towards waste reduction.

    It is imperative that education campaigns continue to stand up and encourage that public participation should be undertaken. Trying to be a Zero Waste country will help in the creation of a low-carbon, resource-efficient, resilient and socially-inclusive economy. 
    Many people do not seem to realize the thousands of extra jobs it can provide, bring back natural nutrients to the soil, reduce any of the environmental impact associated with waste disposal, and get citizens involved in designing a better Canada. The importance of the impact is physically on the management of energy flows in the economy. Therefore, Zero Waste offers extremely big potentials in terms of its energy savings and preservation of embodied energy. By coming together as one unified team, we can put the horrific reality of waste disposal to an end through Zero Waste. 



    Harnoor Gill was a recipient of The Global Changemaker Award for his pioneering work in promoting civic engagement among youth. He has been recognized for his community service with the Canadian Family magazine’s Canada’s Top 15 Under 15 Award, Young Conservationist Award, YMCA Canada Peace Medal, South Asian Teen of the Year Award, and most recently the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Medal. Harnoor successfully launched a campaign for new youth immigrants, The Peace Welcome Club, which is the first-of-its-kind in his community and it encourages new youth to become acquainted with and give their own contribution to the local community in which they live.  

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