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Gadgets for Students

By Garima Goswami, 25 May, 2016

    Noise-Cancelling Bose Headphones

    Because you are constantly on the go, there should definitely be room for some quite leisure time. Bose’s Quiet Comfort 20 Acoustic Noise Cancelling headphones give you the option of turning noise cancelling on or off as per your convenience. There is also an inline microphone and remote that allows you to switch between calls and control other features. These headphones are workable on iPhone, iPad, iPod. A different model is available for Samsung and Android devices.

    Jackery Bar

    Ease yourself from the daily trouble of hunting for electrical outlets to charge your electronic devices. Jackery Bar, a small portable external battery with 2.1A output, is designed to extend your mobile’s battery life. Battery charge is good enough to deliver 2-3 full charges to iPhone and 1-2 full charges to Samsung Galaxy.

    Livescribe 3 Smartpen

    Livescribe, a smartpen manufacturer known for transforming handwritten notes to digital and audio formats, went a step ahead by linking this device with a Bluetooth. Handwritten notes are instantly directed to your device liberating you from the stress of losing important records. Livescribe 3’s smart technology includes an infrared camera, ARM processor, and flash memory; it works on Android and iOS, smartphone and tablet. You will have to accompany this smartpen with a Livescribe notebook that features a dot pattern to trace notes onto the free Livescribe+ app.

    Moleskine Smart Writing Set

    Giving direct competition to Livescribe, Moleskin Smart Writing Set is exactly what the modern artist needs. Using the Moleskin app as an interface, the special Paper Tablet notebook works with a smartpen to digitize notes and sketches. Included in the writing set, Pen+, a slim aluminium pen with a hidden camera that traces and digitizes everything you write and instantly uploads it on the Moleskin app. Here you can share, export, edit and search previous files as well.

    Nimbus Smart Dashboard & Clock

    This gadget takes our usual alarm clock to the next level, almost a virtual assistant. Featured on Quirky, a community company striving to make invention more accessible, Nimbus’ four-dial dashboard displays notifications important to you such as emails, weather, traffic, FitBit stats and more. Personalize settings using the mobile app.


    Leaving a trail of belongings between classes? Tile, a tiny Bluetooth enabled tracking device is just what you need. Simply hook this device to your key ring and attach/stick other Tiles to your everyday belongings such as laptop, tablet, mobile or hard disk. So when you go out of a 100-foot Bluetooth range, your Tile starts beeping until you get a hold of it. In case you are out of a 100-foot range, Tile will show you the last place it saw your item. The only drawback with this product is that the batteries are not replaceable so you will have to spend around $30 CAD minimum (depending on the number of Tiles you are purchasing) every 12 months or so. However, considering what your laptop, mobile and other gadgets cost, this might be a good investment. 


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