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Leaves All Around: Women's Fall Fashion 2015

By Joseph A. Federico, 25 Sep, 2015

    Leaves will be falling, wind will be blowing. But what will you be wearing? This fall, trends are moving back toward the elegant. Plaids will be showing up like piles of foliage on people’s lawns, and solid-coloured jewellery will be on your lobes, glowing like a soon-to-be jack-o-lantern on a spooky night. Fall is grand, and you will be, too.

    Let us start with a little accessory I like to call the handbag. Your dresses, blouses, and skirts will be funky-coloured plaid pieces, so the purse has to be solid, OK? Canadian designers such as Hoi Bo, Ela, C Comme Ca, and Jessica Jensen are the ones to be on the lookout for. Jessica Jensen, especially; her products tend to be neutral in colour. Perfect.

    Solid-coloured earring studs are all the craze. No word a lie, the days of long, dripping ear bling are over. Solid gold, turquoise, and hues of orange are the colours of the season, ladies. And one hole at a time, please. I believe it was but a few months ago we discussed that having multiple earrings in one ear was acceptable. For the fall, we are bringing it back to basics.

    Try purchasing some studs from Ippolita. If you cannot afford Ippolita, you know, because they can get a bit pricey, check out what Montreal-based jewelry designer, Charlotte Hosten, is up to this season. One pair that stands out in particular, is the Patty Vintage Earrings by Hosten. Another pair to take into consideration is the Fela Earrings.

    All of Hosten’s jewellery is handmade with love. With that being said, you have to pair her pairs with something cozy yet classy. How about a retro style dress from Prada? Multicoloured plaid skirts and longer dresses are the perfect “accessory” to all the jewellery you will be sporting.

    A similar look can be attained with the Plaid Smock Dress by Forever 21 Canada. This style is reminiscent of the 1960s meets 1990s baby doll dresses. Do you remember those, girls? They are back with a vengeance, and better than ever.

    To dress up semi drab-coloured plaid (hey, it’s what’s in, so sport it!), accessorize the neckline and wrists. This fall, snake and other slithery animals take center stage. Bernard Delettrez puts out fantastically realistic snake jewellery, so check out his Snake Bracelet and Ring combo. Fabulous.

    Let us move onto your eyes. Makeup should match the colours in the plaid that don your dresses and skirts. This is not the 1980s, so no bright colours, OK? If you are not going to wear eye makeup, dress your face up with tortoise shell sunglasses. Ralph Lauren makes solid sunglasses at reasonable prices. You will see big sunglasses this fall. Do not think glitzy as much as showy. Think big.



    If you are thinking that plaid and colour is not for you, then look no further than designs from Sid Neigum. Think of his style as cubism, but for the world of fashion. His designs are dark, sensuous, and slightly frightening. Long, angular skirts and flowy tops will suffice. Pair his dresses up with a dark-coloured boot or heel, and you will have a night out on the town to remember.

    Or, let us say that you are feeling adventurous and flirty. Mix and match! Take a top from Neigum’s collection, let’s say, and match it with a solid brown skirt from Malorie Urbanovitch’s collection. Her skirts are also angular, but are a bit more feminine than what we have been gearing towards thus far. Plus, the brown is a great accent colour for your makeup, sunglasses, and jewellery this fall.

    Other hip designers to keep an eye out for this fall are Mikhael Kale, Hayley Elsaesser, and Narces.

    As always, experiment with your fashion choices, and let your mood guide you. Take the power of Mother Earth’s season, and dress it up a bit; make it your own. Again, darker plaids, angular skirts, and solid earrings are the key to a fall wardrobe.

    How will you make fall 2015 the best, most fashionable season yet? Think, plan, execute, and work it.

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