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Put your best foot forward

By Shweta Kulkarni, 18 May, 2018
  • Put your best foot forward

Nothing makes a better impression than a pair of right footwear. 

“Shoes are the finishing touch to any outfit, and it is important to complete a look with the perfect pair!” – a fact that is rightly put down by American fashion designer Tracy Reese. Shoes may be the last thing you put on before stepping out, but they are an essential part of your ensemble and need a regular update too. Yeah, like your outfits the shoe trend is constantly altering, and there are endless options each season to choose from. 
Wondering how to keep yourself updated with footwear fashion? Don’t fret, we have put together a list of must-have shoe styles that are dominating the footwear world this season. So, choose what suits your mood and wardrobe correctly, and put your best fashion foot forward.  

Chic & Comfy Espadrilles

Cosy, comfortable and chic, espadrilles are the hottest trend in the shoe department this summer. Whether you’re going to the beach or for a quick meal with friends, with their relax-lazy style appeal, espadrilles are your perfect summer companions. And before you shrug them off as casuals, these versatile shoes can also be effortlessly worn with formal office wear and cocktail dresses. Usually light in weight and hassle-free, espadrilles can be your new best friend this season. They are many options to choose from, go get your fav pair now.

Get Sporty

Athleisure is one of the biggest fashion trends this year and sneakers and sports shoes are perfect to complement this trend. There are tons of fantastic options available, and they were also seen on the runway this year. Right from whites, neons to pastels with a variety of soles, these comfort footwears come in a multiple styles and are sure to help you make a few style statements. 

Fashionable Flats

Whether you are barbequing, window shopping or just hopping around with your crazy bunch, flats are perfect for all those active souls who like to run around from one end to the other comfortably. And when we say flats, we don’t mean boring. They can be as fancy and fashionable as any other shoe trend, and there are a plethora of options available in the market that are perfect for summer. 

Strappy Love

The strappy shoe trend is eternal, classic and here to stay forever. They were dominating many fashion events too this year, and are a definite must-have in your wardrobe this season – especially the ones that strap up past your ankle and reach up to the calf a la gladiator style. What’s best about this trend is that it can be worn for casual as well as formal events.  

Iconic Platform Wedges

Platform wedges undoubtedly are the season’s chicest style. Wedges are most comfortable to wear and look great with summer dresses too. From pop, to metallic, to sporty… they are available in a wide range, and you just can’t miss having them in your wardrobe this summer. 

Sleek Oxfords

Usually, oxfords are associated with uniforms, but in the past few years, they have become huge in the fashion circuit and a must-have this season. Stylish, classy and androgynous, a pair of oxfords is ideal to make a stunning style statement this summer. They simply spell awesomeness when paired with feminine dresses, full skirts and skinny jeans. 

Buckle Up

This retro style footwear is back on the fashion circuit and how. The versatile footwear can not only be paired with a variety of outfits but will also help you make a head-turning style statement. They are available in a variety of styles like buckle boots, flat shoes, and block heels. The shoe trend also made its presence felt at several runways this year. This style is a definite must-have! 

Sparkling Affair

One of the hottest trend in footwear this season is shoes covered with glitter. They are available in a variety of styles and can be paired with jeans and dresses. One can even wear them with socks to make a quirky yet bold fashion statement.

Easy Slip-on

Nothing fits better on your feet during summers than a pair of lightweight and hassle-free slip-on. Comfy enough for a morning walk and chic enough to pair it with a summery dress, slip-ons take you from bottomless brunch in the morning to walking it all off while window shopping hours later. With a variety of colours, prints and styles to choose from, slip-ons will undoubtedly make your summer count.

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