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Immigrant Stories

Meet the Kumar family

By Petrina D’Souza, 18 May, 2017
  • Meet the Kumar family
Praveen Kumar Vijaykumar works at Telus as Senior Business System Analyst 
Reshmi Viswanath is a homemaker
Eva is four years old
It was work that brought Praveen Kumar Vijaykumar and his wife Reshmi Vishwanath to Canada in 2012. “Praveen was working with Tech Mahindra (India) and came to Canada as a Consultant,” says Reshmi.
On arrival they lived at a hotel, eventually moving to their own house. Like most immigrants, the family did face some discomfort due to the unpredictable weather. “Initially I found it difficult to bare the cold weather but later on I started liking the place,” shares Reshmi, further adding, “The people here are very welcoming. I was impressed to see the beauty of nature and the clean roads and pavements.” Another challenge was finding a suitable family doctor.
It took the couple about four to five months to settle down and get accustomed to the place. Their daughter Eva was born in a few years. 
Before moving to Canada, Praveen worked as a Solution Designer with Tech Mahindra whereas Reshmi had just completed her Masters in Finance and MBA in HR. The young homemaker has recently started applying for jobs. “It is not so easy to find a job unless you have a Canadian experience or have completed a certification course related to the job you seek,” she says talking about her job-hunting experience.
Despite the struggles and challenges, Praveen and Reshmi believe that their overall experience so far in the country has been successful. “I love the hospitality this country offered us. We were blessed with a baby girl here so it doubled our joy,” expresses Reshmi who hopes for a beautiful future for Eva with the best education and all the comforts. The only thing that they dislike is the distance between themselves and their families back in India. “It’s not easy to plan a trip whenever we feel like going back home,” concludes Reshmi.

Biggest obstacle faced so far in Canada:

The medical system is not flexible; the wait time for appointments is not satisfactory. Getting child care is also not easy and a bit expensive too.

Advice for immigrants:

Canada is a country which turns your dreams into reality. Enjoy the hospitality the country offers and in return do not indulge in activities which pose as a threat to the country.

Memories of your homeland:

I come from Kerala which is known as ‘Gods own country’ as it has lots of greenery. Praveen comes from Nilgiris (Tamil Nadu) which is referred to as the ‘Queen of Hills,’ it’s a land of coffee and tea plantations. By God’s grace we landed in Vancouver which is no way behind in terms of scenic beauty and greenery but we miss the celebrations of our festivals like Onam and Vishu a lot. We miss our food and culture too.

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