Tuesday, May 26, 2020

Enhance your Cooking Experience

Seven 2020 luxury kitchen appliances that you need to be aware of.


Get Your Home Festive-Ready

While decorating your pad in sync with the festive spirit is always a fun thing to do, it isn’t always easy on the pockets

Revamp Your Bathroom

Read on to find out how to give a new lease of life to your bathroom and that too on a budget…

Design Wisdom For Your Home

Get excited, have fun and let your creativity shine while you refresh and revitalize your indoor and outdoor living spaces this spring and summer!

Your Guide to Wood Flooring

Selecting a type of hardwood flooring isn’t simply about picking up your favoured colour. A range of factors actually impact not just the performance of your flooring but also its look and feel. 


The Ideal Kitchen

With most contemporary modern homes specially designed to accommodate a dining area and with the studio kitchen being the most sought-after interior trend, a KITCHEN today is no longer a space that is tucked away in some corner of the house where one only cooks meals and cleans dirty dishes.