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Spice Roasted Gobi Pekoras with Chili-Mint Coconut Raita

Chef Kunal Ghose, 31 Oct, 2018
    Recipes by Kunal Ghose from Fishhook



    For this recipe you will need Chef Ghose’s special ‘Dry Masala’ & 'Tempakora Batter Mix'. 

    Dry Masala

    • 4 oz whole cumin seed
    • 8 oz whole coriander seed
    • 4 oz black peppercorn
    • 4 oz fennel seed
    • 4 oz mustard seed
    Toast spices in 350 degree oven until you can smell the aroma. Cool, then grind in a spice or coffee grinder.

    Tempakora Batter Mix

    • 16 oz (1 cup) chana flour
    • 16 oz rice flour
    • 2 oz “Dry Masala”
    • 1 oz baking soda
    Soda water added until pancake reaches batter consistency.
    For the spice roasted gobi pekoras:
    • 1 large cauliflower
    • 2 oz sesame oil
    • 1 oz salt
    • 3 oz “Dry Masala”
    • 3 l canola oil
    • ½ batch “Tempakora Batter Mix”
    For the chili-mint coconut raita:
    • 2 bunch mint
    • 1 bunch cilantro
    • Small can coconut cream
    • 4 oz mango chutney
    • 2 oz ginger paste
    • 2 Thai red chilies
    • 1 oz sherry vinegar
    • Salt
    • Pepper


    For the spice roasted gobi pekoras:
    Separate florets into small to medium size pieces. In a bowl coat cauliflower with sesame oil and spices, then roast in a pan at 475 degrees for 15 minutes. You want to see some darker colour on the cauliflower. Cool them in the fridge. 
    Heat oil in large pot to 350 degrees. Dip cauliflower in batter bowl with tongs and fry in batches until crispy and golden, turning them once.
    Drain and serve with “Chili Mint Raita”
    For the chili-mint coconut raita: Use a blender or hand blender until very smooth.


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