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Get Your Home Festive-Ready

By Shweta Kulkarni, 18 Oct, 2019

    Save Big Bucks By Decking Up Your Home This Diwali With These Easy Recycling Ideas

    The festival of lights is upon us and as usual there will be a ton of things to do before you actually begin the festivities and celebrate with your loved ones; including getting your house festive-ready. 

    Painting the walls, purchasing soft furnishings, investing in new lamps, torans and several other glittering items, is the drill one tends to follow every year to deck up their homes for Diwali. While decorating your pad in sync with the festive spirit is always a fun thing to do, it isn’t always easy on the pockets and also not really kind towards the environment. 

    So, what to do? Well, pretty simple – recycle and reuse. There are plenty of creative ways to get your home festive- ready without really burning a hole in your pocket and marring the nature. Here are a few easy recycling ideas that will not only help you to decorate your home but also save big bucks.

    1. Recycle Old Sarees & Dupattas

    Every year a majority of people end up spending a fortune on soft furnishings not realizing that there are plenty of old items in their wardrobes that can be creatively recycled and are just perfect to be turned into cushion covers, curtains, table spreads, or quilt covers. For example, your old worn-out sarees and dupattas can easily add a dash of traditional splendour to your homes, which is just ideal for the festive time. While sarees can easily be cut and stitched into cushion covers, fancy window blinds, table covers, quilts, the thick embroidered bordered can easily be used as table runners. Even old vintage dupattas can easily be used sewed into table runners or cushion covers. The trick is to let your imagination go wild and keep Google handy for some DIY ideas. 

    2. DIY Diwali Lights & Lamps

    What’s the festival of lights without lights, right? But you needn’t necessarily have to keep buying expensive fancy lights to lit up your pad every year. You can actually decorate your home with innovative DIY fancy light arrangements. For starters, a used wine bottle or alcohol bottle can easily be turned into the prettiest looking lighting piece without much effort. Creative lanterns can be made from something as simple as paper and thread. Paper cup lanterns and torans are not only easy to make but can also make your space look absolutely beautiful. One can also use old mason jars as tea light/ candle holders or simply as lanterns. Used bulbs can also be turned into beautiful oil lamps that can enhance the festive look of your space. 

    3.  Dress Up The Walls

    Unless the paint is really peeling off, you don’t really need to paint your walls always to get your house ready. You can simply spruce up your walls with handmade traditional wall murals, wall hangings, photo frames, or fancy lights. One can use old CDs to create interesting looking photo frames and wall art, vintage sarees can once again come in handy as chic-looking fabric wall art, vibrant wall hanging can be made from waste materials or paper to deck up the walls. 

    4. Upcycle Old Furniture

    Old furniture pieces doesn’t need to be always discarded; you can turn your old furniture into statement pieces with a few simple tricks. Ever tried decoupage? Mod podging your furniture is a great idea to upcycle your old furniture pieces. Internet is filled with plenty of decoupage furniture project ideas and you can easily add a fresh festive touch to your worn-out furniture pieces. If decoupage seems tad overwhelming, simply spray paint your furniture to instantly give them a brand-new look. 

    5. Turn Junk Into Decorative Pieces

    You don’t need to always buy beautiful-looking decorative pieces to enhance the décor of your home. For example, you can make interesting looking light fixtures from old wire baskets. Tea lights can be made from old bottle caps, broken ceramics can easily be turned into designer planters for indoor plants. While used boxes can be decorated and turned into tissue box covers, old CDs can be painted bright keeping in with the festive spirit and used as coasters or even tea light holders. Old greeting cards can easily turn into interesting torans and some old vintage suitcases can be effortlessly converted into interesting furniture items.    

    The possibilities to deck up your home for Diwali with recycle ideas are infinite, all you need is a little bit of imagination. 


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