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2019 Audi A8 L

By Glen Konorowski, 23 Jul, 2019

    Smooth with great handling

    It has been a long time since I have tested a vehicle that rode so smoothly and yet handled so well. The car in question is the Audi A8 L, the top model and the largest car in the line-up. I have to admit I am generally someone who likes smaller cars, but the way this car drove, it never really felt large at all. The 2019 L is actually 13 centimetres longer that last year’s A8.

    To make this car feel so light and nimble, the A8 L is made of 58 per cent aluminum significantly reducing the weight if it were to be made of steel. The engine that makes this impressive car is a 3.0-litre DOHC Turbocharged V6 which connects to an eight-speed automatic, and all this is connected to the Audi’s renowned all-wheel-drive system. This system is also enhanced by a 48-volt power system that allows the car to gently cruise with the aid of the electric power reducing fuel consumption. All I can say was that this system worked flawlessly, giving the driver instant acceleration when needed. This is in part due to the 335 horsepower and 369 151 lb-ft of torque available at any time

    As for controls, they were generally easy to find and use and the heating and fan controls were well marked out. This includes the standard Bang & Olufsen sound system which I have to admit was second to none in sound quality. With the double pain windows, the A8 was especially quite making listening top notch for those who love music.

    Where the A8 L really impressed me was in the back seats. The extra 13 centimetres gives the rear passengers great rear leg room like I have not seen in a long time. My test car was equipped with LED screens attached to the front two seats. Just to add more comfort, the rear seats adjusted also which should please your passengers. To cope with the sun or to have more privacy, the A8 L has power dark screens on both doors and on the rear window.

    I will be the first to admit I generally love smaller cars. But, would I buy a 530 centimetres long car to get around town and travel about in? If I was in the market and had the disposable income to buy a car like this, there would be one in my driveway in a heartbeat. You get a lot of bang for your money, plus that fact this is just one fine car.

    Highlights (as tested):

    MSRP: $97,000 base ($131,100 as tested)

    Horsepower: 335 @ 5,000 rpm

    Torque (lb-ft): 369 @ 4,500 rpm

    Gearbox: Eight-speed automatic

    Layout: Front engine, rear-wheel drive 

    Fuel economy: 12.5 L/100 km city 8.6 L/100 km highway



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