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Capital Tile and Stone: Paving The Path To Your Dream Space

15 Nov, 2017
  • Capital Tile and Stone: Paving The Path To Your Dream Space

Gurjinder Rana still holds that his most rewarding moments are tied to client satisfaction, describing his favourite part of the job as the happiness and smiles of customers.

Your home is a reflection of who you are. In the fast-paced world of today, we work tirelessly towards creating a meaningful living space for ourselves and our loved ones. From the texture of the entrance floor to the backwall tiles in the kitchen, every detail of your dream space – residential or commercial – is a testament to your hard work. At Capital Tile & Stone, Gurjinder Rana and his team tirelessly work towards turning your vision into a reality, providing world-class tile and stone products to beautify your project. 
Boasting a reputed presence of over 23 years in the community, Capital Tile & Stone is a household name. The roots of the company stem from the man behind it all – Gurjinder Rana, who has built the business from the ground up. Tracing back to 1995, Rana began his venture from the garage of his very home. Be it door-knocking or personally hand-delivering tiles to his customers, Rana was determined to tackle the challenges of a new business in the limited population base of the time. As his network expanded and expertise grew, the business scaled to a level which he had himself never imagined. Through his mantra of hard work and honesty, he has created a legacy of bringing the finest products to BC, accented with optimal customer service. As the first South Asian individual to enter the industry, his passion for the field has only grown over time. 
Walking into the showroom of Capital Tile & Stone, prepare to be mesmerised by the variety of products including ceramic, glass, natural stone and porcelain, in the categories of floor tiles, mosaic and wall tiles for commercial and residential settings. Each piece is handpicked after careful consideration of several criteria surrounding exclusivity, aesthetics, and quality. A firm believer in the power of teamwork, Rana creates a collaborative atmosphere to bring best-in-class products to the forefront. Elaborating the process of finalizing his selections, Rana describes, “I have my thoughts at the back of my mind, but my first step is to involve staff and even family to get a diverse range of perspectives. I am constantly thinking about what customers will appreciate and how we can deliver.” The showroom attests to Rana’s words; the product collection is not only breathtakingly stunning, but is heavily unique. The selection creates an endless array of possibilities; there is bound to be something for every customer.
With numerous international involvements and rich import networks of Europe, Asia and North America, Rana is continually motivated to upgrade the product portfolio. The agility enables a fresh assortment to customers, while ensuring the sustainability of his two-prong approach of selection and affordability. Carrying an extensive set of experiences including single family homes, high rises, condominiums, top hotels and townhomes, Rana points out his top three tips for the perfect pick:

Solidify your vision

Be sure of the feel and essence you want. Stick to your theme throughout the process and explore your options in-person to get a real sense of what is available. This includes bringing your designer if you have one. The knowledgeable team at the showroom can also leverage their expertise to help make your decision.

More than meets the eye

Look past just the appearance. Confirm that the tile is practical for the use of your space. Is it slippery? Does it scratch easily? Does it stain easily? Is it difficult to clean? Sometimes, it is easy to get caught up in the visual appeal and forget the essentials.

The finishing touch

The installation is just as important as the purchase. Make sure you hire a professional and experienced tile setter. This may include contacting references or viewing past projects to build your confidence and comfort in the person you choose to install your tiles. 
In light of the unmatchable experience Capital Tile & Stone offers, Rana holds many awards, recently sweeping Now Newspaper’s Readers’ Choice Award for the third time. However, as the business sky-rockets, Rana still holds that his most rewarding moments are tied to client satisfaction. His favourite part of the job is undoubtedly the happiness of families and the smiles spread through his projects. Kenver Rana, 17, describes his father as someone who places immense value in everyone he comes across, “Growing up, I have always seen him as the same person on and off the job. Same personality. Same passion. He is just as friendly and genuine in the showroom and at home.” 
Meticulously balancing a bustling business and family, Rana recognizes both the importance of crunching numbers and the power of a quiet evening on his sundeck. Despite the successes, he prefers to stay behind the scenes and credits his achievements to his team, family and community support. Rana defines the community as his backbone, “Business is built on trust. We grow. The community grows. All of us grow together.”
115 - 8381 128 St.  Surrey BC

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