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TIPS for buying a pre-owned BMW

Darpan News Desk, 16 Mar, 2018

    Rana Malik, Sales Consultant at Auto West BMW, Richmond, gives his expertise on the top five points to know before buying a pre-owned BMW.


    1 Car history

    Once you have made a decision to purchase a pre-owned BMW, the first thing to do is find out the history of the car. Doing a background check gives you access to all the information there is on the car, which can help solidify your decision of buying it. For a minimal fee, you can purchase a vehicle claims history report online from ICBC or CARPROOF. The ICBC report will provide only the car records within BC whereas CARPROOF will give you a complete U.S. history as well. Auto West BMW offers free CarProof with every pre-owned car.

    2 Thorough inspection

    It is highly recommended to purchase and examine the car from a certified, BMW dealership. Malik points out that an inspection and maintenance at a BMW dealership is ideal as it is done as per company standards and involves a long check list to ensure your car is in good shape and fit for the road. 

    3 Do a test drive

    A lot of buyers confirm a car based on its visual appearance or long list of features. Malik stresses on the importance of a test drive before buying the vehicle. A quick test drive gives you a close and personal feel of the car and the opportunity to test all its various features. It helps you understand if it is the right car for your comfort and needs.

    4 Get the ideal price

    Your dream car may or may not fit within your budget. But the best way to find out if you have got a good deal is by comparing car prices online. and are popular and trusted sources that give you the average market price of the car your desire. 

    5 Know your options

    It is very critical to find out what the best options are for the regular payment of your car. According to Malik, “a car is a liability after four years,” so leasing is a cost-effective solution if it is for short-term use. If you have a business, then leasing a car is beneficial and involves less liability towards the vehicle. While leasing generally costs lower than financing, it all depends on how you see your future with the car.
    For more information on BMW cars, contact Rana Malik on 604-754-1279 or Email:


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