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Festive Collection by Anju Modi

BY SIDDHI JAIN /IANS, 17 Oct, 2019

    Anju Modi, the Bajirao Mastani and Ram Leela fame designer has come up with a festive collection designed for Indian wear brand BIBA.

    The festive season is approaching. What’s your guide to season’s dressing?

    I think this time people should go more for the mix and match. You can mix the dupatta with something which you previously bought and give it a new look. And the shararas can be worn with other certain kind of kurtis or a t-shirt which again you must have bought earlier. So, this will serve you in a very longer and I would say in an economical way. And I think that’s the need of the hour now.

    Be more economical, more ecological and do not spend more than necessary and make use of your garments for a longer time in your life. Keeping the same in mind, my designs are very much classic so I think it is where you can take it forward for the next 10 years.

    What are the fashion virtues you swear by?

    This is something which is not exactly my rulebook but rather my heart rulebook. My heart goes for the handloom, the India crafts and our way of traditional culture around. The historical, vintage and cultural flavour is always there in my designs.

    Can you tell us more about this collection?

    I realized that as a client base, everybody has to attend so many festivities in this coming season, whether it’s Diwali, wedding parties or other functions. Keeping this in mind, I designed a range which should be practical and affordable too.

    I designed the line accordingly where it goes with the thematic parties at weddings which have those enchanted jungle kinds of look having beautiful lit candles all around. People always have dancing and fun elements at such events, so the girls can dance around in their lehengas and shararas and flaunt the flare and be classy.

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