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Decorate with Pampas Grass

By Mrinalini Sundar, 29 Sep, 2020
  • Decorate with Pampas Grass

9 Simple Ways To Style Pampas Grass In Your House


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Home decor trends keep changing every year. But who would have thought the grass would be the winner this year? Pampas grass is in vogue and how. They are tall grass that can reach a height of three meters. Their scientific name is Cortaderia Selloana and is mostly used as flower arrangements. The best part about the grass is that they are all-season. It won't scream Halloween or harvest! If you were browsing through Instagram or home decor magazines, you wouldn't have missed the wheat-like grass. They are simple, elegant, and bring with them texture, fluff, and give a personality to space. Styling pampas grass can be easy since they are neutral coloured and can blend with any background and interior.

The most uncomplicated way to style pampas grass is by placing them in a simple plain vase and keep them on the side table in the living room. They work best on white walls as they add a tint of beige tone to the decor. The side tables in the living room or even your bedroom are perfect spots for the grass. Make note of the height of the grass, however. You don’t want huge grass sticking on your head!

Pampas grass can go well even in a contemporary setting. Modern lighting and sleek furniture, no worries- this pliable grass can fit itself into any setting. Just place them amidst the right decor and it wouldn’t look like a mismatch. We love the spot above the fireplace for this one – but make sure not to overcrowd the space. One vase, lots of grass, and the spot give the space a much-needed rustic break.

Pampas grass makes for great decor on the dining table. Place it as a centerpiece and your dinner with fam just got a glam makeover. A simple white vase should do, you could also go with a vase that is not too funky.

Our recommendation is to find yourself a big vase that you can place probably in the corner of the room. Tuck in some grass and your little corner décor is all ready! A statement vase with grass can work both indoor and outdoor if placed strategically.

Play with contrast

Since the grass comes in light colours it is best to play with contrast. When you place the pampas grass against a dark wall, it makes for great contrast and looks attractive. For example, you could place the grass in vases that are aged blue or pink, even with a rustic shape or finish is a good option. If you have a specific coloured wall- say black, yellow, or green- then the grass makes for the perfect contrast. If this space is getting a little too monotonous then you could add some greenery by placing a few plants. Make sure the pots and plants are small and not larger than the grass itself. There could be a clash and could create chaos. By adding some green plants, you are cutting the clutter and it automatically becomes a green space.

Boho look

Give the house a boho look with a sitting space, clubbed with brown and beige cushions. Now that in itself is super Instagram-worthy. It is also your cozy corner and can be a perfect spot for a date night. Now add grass on vases (which are not too fancy so the attention is given to space) and your own little boho corner is ready. You could also add some dim lighting for more effect.

Try a different colour Pampas grasses also come in pink and purple shades. The coloured grass is unique and needs to be placed strategically. They are perfect if you are looking to add some colour to your home. Pair them with a few neutral coloured décor products such and you are good to go. This could go on the entertainment unit, or on your study.

Try a pampas grass wreath

Add some jazz to your door with a pampas grass wreath. This could also be a DIY mission for you. Whether you want them around during Fall or Winter, even summer- they work best. Pampas’s wreath adds a touch of elegance and grace to your door and can be made in different styles. We recommend not adding any other fixtures to this wreath as it might spoil the look. Minimal and simple is the mantra for this grass. When they are combined with other items, it could be a misfit. Photo:

Event decor

Pampas grass also makes for great decor during events. Having a wedding or just a get together, place a few vases with the grass at the entrance point to give the event a special and unique look. You could also use them in the garden to add some personality
to the backyard.



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