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Beat The Heat

By Naina Grewal, 20 May, 2019

    7 Tips for Staying Cool and Healthy this Summer



    With June 21 being the official first day of Summer, the hottest season of the year is just around the corner! Days will become longer, warmer and more eventful. As these changes swing into effect, it is also important to remember to take care of yourself and be mindful of the small steps you can take to enjoy the upcoming months to their fullest. Here are seven tips to stay cool and healthy in the summer months:

    Outdoor Opportunities

    The warm weather can make you lazy, but is also a chance to hit the outdoors. Rain or snow can no longer be an excuse for getting that morning jog or evening walk in. Taking your pet out on play dates or to the local park is a great activity to get moving. That said, do monitor yourself to ensure you are not feeling sick or dizzy. Heat strokes must be recognized should they occur to yourself or a friend; symptoms to look out for include weaknesses, light-headedness, rapid heartbeat, nausea and muscle cramps. Remember to wear light weight and light-coloured clothing as to not absorb the sun.

    Healthy Hydration

    To maintain energy levels and hydrate yourself, drinks are the key. Be sure to drink up plenty of water during the day and load up on juices and healthy drinks to prevent dehydration. Note that commercial drinks are usually not a good alternative; in fact, sodas, coffee, smoothies and energy drinks do not hydrate the body. Infused water, milk, juices, teas and coconut water are better options.

    Food Fix

    Summer is a season of treats. From ice creams to cakes, the mid-year is a delight for anyone with a sweet tooth. However, fruits such as mangoes and watermelons are also summer-specific delicacies to load up on. Avoid fried snacks and opt for lighter substitutes, such as granola bars, nuts and fruit mixes. Moreover, downsizing your meals and avoiding heavier intake of food at night can be of help.

    Saving Sleep

    The longer days make it easy to go out for that late-night pier walk. Do not let the late sunset cost you your morning schedule. A night out will make you tired and possibly not as efficient at work. Refrain from indulging in stimulants like coffee in the evening to ensure your internal clock stays on track. Put in place a sleep routine that allows you to relax and prepare the mind for wrapping up the day. Remember that the days also start earlier in the summer, which means that getting up earlier can help falling asleep on time. If natural light or street noise is a problem in your bedroom, resort to solutions such as an eye mask or ear plugs.

    Sun Safety

    While the sun can be invitational for a good tan, sunburns are no fun. Be sure to protect the skin by keeping it moisturized with products that come with SPF protection. When staying outdoors for longer periods of time, a good sunscreen is essential; experts recommend a water-resistant sunscreen with SPF 30 as the standard. For the eyes, sunglasses protect against the sun’s ultraviolet rays and sunhats are a useful addition.

    Happy Home

    Your place of living and lifestyle can be a huge contributor to your experience this summer. Keep the oven off during the day and try to cook during the evenings. Rather than increasing the air conditioner’s power, consider closing the blinds or windows so that the heat waves do not enter the house. Choosing to hang around in areas with shade or hard wood flooring is suggested, more so during the day.

    Camp Cleanliness

    Hygiene is certainly not seasonal, but is of special importance during the summer months. Sweaty palms that have touched so much throughout the day can pose to be a problem over time. Be sure to wash your hands before meals and wash your face, specifically at the end of the day. Exfoliating the skin and face can get rid of dead skin cells and oils that lead to formation of pimples. Another piece of advice is not to skip the shower, reason being not just the smell, but also the increased risk of bacteria forming, which further leads to acne issues.

    Diving into summer, use these tips to charge yourself. Start preparing early to ease into the changing temperatures and do not forget to educate those around you to stay safe as well. An escape from the chilly, rainy months also brings along its own set of challenges. Restoring and replenishing your physical and mental self can truly be a catalyst in having an enjoyable, fun summer! 

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