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WATCH Latest Punjabi Song Range Wala Jatt By Harj Nagra, Benny Dhaliwal ft Gurlez Akhtar

Darpan News Desk Darpan, 18 Mar, 2019

    A song that has caught the attention of Punjabi music lovers is Harj Nagra’s Range Wala Jatt. Presented by Hitman Records, Range Wala Jatt is co-sung by renowned Bhangra singer Benny Dhaliwal and the talented Gurlez Akhtar, with music provided by Canada’s top musician, Harj Nagra. The lyrics for the track are penned by Johny Kaushal of Auckland, New Zealand and visuals were shot by B2Gether Pros in Punjab.

    Range Wala Jatt is a “part-two” of the dance-floor hit Range Rover released in 2015. Nagra states that the excitement for the new song was such that the production of it happened very quickly. “I was in India shooting a movie. I reached out to Benny and asked him to come to India and work on the song. We recorded the song in a day and shot the music video in a few weeks.”

    With its peppy music, fast beats, powerful lyrics and attractive video, Range Wala Jatt has instantly become a favourite among Punjabis globally this year. The video has already received 1,138,264 views on YouTube with over 800 congratulatory comments online. “We have received a good response. A lot of people have been sharing the video and have been sending us positive reviews,” adds Nagra happily.

    Hitman Records was created to provide a platform for established and upcoming music producers, singers, songwriters, and rappers.


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